About LiftOff

Because we want everyone to experience the ultimate freedom and happiness only a truly awesome party can provide. Three friends from Amsterdam decided to start LiftOff Events. With some experience from the rave scene and a bit bored by the same artists on the same party’s we decided to start something new. Something accessible to everyone.

The idea behind LiftOff Events is that it’s by the people, for the people. Nothing makes us happier than to see so many people having a great time and forgetting about the issues of daily life. That’s why we’re open to new idea’s and new artists. Like most students we didn’t have the money to invest in something huge so that way we had to build up small. That’s where Launchpad was born.

After some successful editions of Launchpad we decided to go bigger. Flight Academy is the second party in line. With international artist and the best DJ’s we discovered at Launchpad we are going to do our best to make sure this party is gonna be a succes as well.

With Flight Academy being planned but still in the making we hope that it’s gonna be a succes. To make this happen we need you to spread the word and make our journey to the ultimate LiftOff event possible.

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